The situation of Covid-19 in Cambodia:On 28th.November 2020, it was the third wave of Covid-19 epidemic in Cambodia. There are 41 new cases and no one die till now. The government decided to close all schools on 30th.November for the academic year 2019-2020 and plans to open all schools for the new academic year on 11st. January 2021. Most of grade were took the final examination already except the students in grade 9 and grade 12. However, the government allowed them to pass their study without take an examination. Some students are very happy but some students who are tried hard and ready for the exam are disappointed. I will send the study result of CSI scholarship students to you as soon as we get it from schools.Note: In order to prevent the epidemic of Covid-19 in the villages especially the children, we would liketo ask you to support for Face masks and temperature measuring for using in preschool classes and scholarship students when provided monthly support.                   

Bumpen Sawaengdee

柬埔寨Covid-19的狀況:2020年11月28日,這是柬埔寨Covid-19流行的第三波。目前有41例新病例,至今沒有人死亡。政府在11月30日起再次關閉所有學校,計劃在 2021年1月重啟校園。除了9年級和12年級的學生外,大多數年級已經完成了期末考試。有些學生很高興,但有些努力的學生因為沒有了考試感到失望。然而政府允許他們不通過考試就可升級。我會在收到學校的成績後將接受CSI-TAIWAN 獎助金學生的學習結果發送給您。註:為了防止Covid-19在鄉村,尤其是兒童中流行。我們想請您支持口罩和提供綠蘋果幼兒園及助學學童使用的體溫量測器。